55 Days in Tokyo

Photos for January 27th, 2007

Shot of the front of Akihabara Station where all the dressed up girls are.
Akiba Station from above

One of the maids in front of the station. Note the ears.
Maid in Akihabara

Here's a shot of most of them from above.
Maids from above... sounds like the title for a bad anime

The girls dressed up as schoolgirls.
At least it wasn't too cold today

This was the girl with the really short skirt. Note the man just behind her on the left (her right) who is semi-blurred and looks like he's running. He's the guy who told me no photos.
No photos he says...

Schoolgirls from above.
Hah, showed him!

This is an ingenious idea. Basically, you put 1000 to 2000 yen into the machine and get a ball. If you're lucky, you win the prize specified. Now think, 1000 yen is about 8 dollars, so just how likely do you think it is that you're going to win? I mean, the game has to be profitable...
What a wonderful idea to get even more money out of expensive things

He will swallow your soul