55 Days in Tokyo

Photos for January 22nd, 2007

Various shots of the street that I started walking on from my house
Train crossing for that small line I found
Street 2
Street 3
Street 4
Shot of Sugamo station

Neat bear wood carving in front of one of the stores.
Da Bear

Picture of that small station I found.
Small station

The shrine with the monkey statues
The Shrine proper
Monkey number 1
and Monkey number 2

Another shrine, this one with a big buddha with the sun behind him.
The picture doesn't do it justice
Nice buddha
More buddha

Here are two pictures of vehicles driving around broadcasting political messages, something that is common in Japan.
Notice how the second one is a hummer and has both the Japan and USA flags on it.

Shots as night began to fall outside of the Kodokan.
Night 1
Night 2
Night 3

Shot of the theme park area by the Kodokan and Tokyo Bowl Hotel.
My camera doesn't do it justice at night