55 Days in Tokyo

February 28th, 2007

I was awakened by a fair amount of noise this morning, far more than any other day. This was more confusing though since it sounded like things were being moved around. What almost drove me insane was the vaccum cleaner being used a shortly after 8am. That nearly drove me insane but I was halfway awake and got up to ride out the noise instead of trying to sleep and just being pissed. Went around online and after 9:30am the noise disappeared completely. How odd I though. Then I managed to go back to sleep for about an hour before my girlfriend came online. We talked for a while before she had to go eat dinner. I just went back to sleep and didn't wake up until almost 2pm and there was new noise in the house. Sounded like the owner who cleans our place once a week. Didn't really want to go outside and see what was going on though. Instead I just hung out in my room and finished up my writing from the day before. Got all the updates in order and after checking a few more things online I got dressed and ready to head out.

Turns out that both of the owners were here and that the Korean girl in the room next to mine had moved out that morning. That explains the noise and the vaccum cleaner. Not that I'm overly sad or anything but I would have liked to say goodbye since, of all the housemates, she seemed the nicest. I won't miss the noise or her smelly cooking though. Guess I'll have the bottom floor to myself until I leave unless we get a new housemate in the next week. Doubt that'll happen. Also met the male owner of the house who asked me where I came from. Seems like a decent enough man. Chatted with him for a few minutes before going to the bathroom to get ready for the evening.

Left the house shortly after 4pm and went to the Post Office to take out some money. Took out more than I had originally intended due to the current flucuations in the markets. The value of the dollar against the yen fell by three yen in one day due to the stupid Chinese markets. I figured it might take some time before it corrects itself (speculators are a bunch of assholes) so it'd be better to get some yen while the rate wasn't in the crapper. Hopped onto the train for Shinjuku since I was going to a concert at the Red Cloth. The doors didn't open until 7pm so I had some time to kill. Wandered through one arcade I found and watched a man playing one of the many token machines (another form a gambling) who was doing pretty well I guess, though it is hard to tell sometimes. By that point though I was starting to feel pretty crummy. I had forgotten to eat or drink anything before I left so my body was starting to get very angry with me. Walked around until I found a small resturant and got a mini pizza with some fries and melon soda. I tell you, I'm really going to miss this melon soda.

After I finished eating I still felt somewhat off so I headed to Don Quixote to get something to drink and something to boost my sugar level. Got a soda, a bottle of water and some random gummy snacks. Turns out that both of the gummy snacks are quite sour and it wasn't very fun to eat them. Walked through one of the arcades and played a few games before seeing that it was getting close to concert time so I started to walk. I first headed to Korea town to get some cinnamon pancakes. Very tasty. Naturally, a bunch of the molten sugar spilled out and got on my hands, burning me with sugary goodness. Walked through the fierce winds towards Red Cloth but when I got there it was still 15 minutes to open so I walked back to a McDonalds and got some hot chocolate to warm myself. Relaxed and cleaned myself up a bit (the wind plays havok with what hair remains on my head) before going back to the club. Got my ticket and stepped inside.

Took much longer for the place to start filling up with people than the last two times I was there. Shortly before the show was supposed to start I felt someone tapping on my shoulder. It was Tim and one of the guys I'd met with him last time in Akiba, Dewe. At least, I think that's how it's spelled. Show got off to a late start but finally got underway. The first band (whose name I don't know) came out and rocked out pretty damned hard. They weren't anything special and their sound wasn't unique by any means, but they were good at what they did. The lead singer flailed around and put on somewhat of an entertaining show.

The second band came out and I had been told by Tim that they aren't very good musically and that the lead singer of this band would show me what flailing about really looks like. He wasn't kidding. They were an okay bunch of musicians but the drummer was the best by far. I did enjoy the bass player (who was female and looked into her playing unlike some I've seen) but the rest I could do without. The lead singer mostly screamed into the microphone and flailed his skinny body around like a maniac. He was also wearing lipstick and bad eye liner. He was like the singer from The Darkness, except without the talent. At one point it threw off his green jacket (leaving him shirtless) and then came down into the audience and rolled around on the floor. I was right at the edge of where he wound up and I didn't exactly feel like moving much for this guy. I took about a step and a half back to ensure that he didn't hit me. After he rolled around he got up and jumped onto one of the members of the audience who actually seemed really into the performance and just screamed for a while. When he finally got back onstage he kept putting the microphone completely into his mouth and then would drop it. Over and over again. That just smacks of wanna be rocking right there. Eventually they finished their set and got off the stage so that the main band, BAZRA could come out.

By this time the place had actually lost a number of people and I was suprised that people came for the purpose of just seeing those two bands. BAZRA came out and got underway rocking the place. After the first song (during it, technically) the strap on the lead guitarist's guitar broke and a roadie had to come out to try and fix it. They continued playing their set though so for a while it was just bass guitar and drums, but it still sounded good. The singer even ad-libbed some of the song and sang about how his strap was broken. Eventually the roadie came up with a duct tape solution and he was able to play again. The roadie stayed out and it was a good thing he did because the fix only lasted a few songs before breaking again. The roadie then kneeled down and helped to hold up the guitar so that the singer could concentrate on playing and not worry about holding it up. He also did goofy things like play a chord and then run away from the guitar and be shocked like as if it was floating or he was amazed at the chord. Things that made the roadie laugh. They even came out for an encore and the roadie remained there and did his part. Overall they rocked the house.

After the show was over we hung out in the place for a little while and eventually the bass player from the first band came over and (drunkenly) asked for our names and then introduced himself as King. It was funny and we talked for a while, mostly Dewe, myself, King and a lady who translated for me. They were very suprised at my age of 25 and Dewe's age of 26. Randomly talked until we'd had enough of the drunken banter and Dewe and I left. Tim had left earlier. I was headed for Shinjuku station so Dewe and I went our seperate ways. Seems like a decent guy.

My ears were ringing something fierce after the concert and that remained with me the entire night. Wandered home and found myself coming home just after the Italian couple got home. I got online and talked with Athena about getting together the next day and after we came up with our plans I took my shower and relaxed for a while. Felt very sleepy but couldn't fall asleep until shortly before 3am.

Photos for February 28th, 2007