55 Days in Tokyo

February 20th, 2007

Slept like a log last night. Don't think I even moved once throughout the entire night. The housemates must have either made less noise or I just slept through it. Actually managed to wake up before my alarm was set to go off. After all the walking of the previous day my legs felt like jelly. I had thought about going someplace but instead felt like being lazy. Didn't do the laundry either nor did I cook my chicken for lunch. The girlfriend came online and we talked for a while until I was famished and needed to eat.

Decided that today would be a lazy day. Walked down to Ikebukuro to have some Ramen at the branch of my favorite place that I had found the night before. Delicious as always, plus I didn't have to ask for an English menu since I had learned some of the words and memorized the positions of the other ones. Also got a beer, something I've been doing more often. I'm kinda getting used to having a beer with my meal and they usually have a good flavor to them. Filled myself up and took the train to Akihabara.

Not much new there, except that I wandered through various stores looking for a joystick or gamepad to use on my laptop to play games. Also stopped off in a Mister Donut and had some donuts and hot chocolate. The chocolate glazed donut wasn't very good and the topping had little flavor and the texture of wax. The honey glaze was good but had little glaze on it and therefore wasn't too tasty. The cinnimon donut I picked up as a random last second choice and it turned out to be the best by far. It wasn't completely soft like most donuts and had a more crunchy texture with a good topping of cinnimon. I highly recommend them. Read some of my book while munching before heading back into the cold. Also discovered that when most stores saying "PC games" they really mean porn. PC games don't seem to be very big here unless they're pornographic. Finally decided on a small controller that cost less than 1000 yen. Also picked up a few items that will come in handy as gifts for when I return. Need to start buying some now since I'm getting towards the end of this journey.

Walked through a few arcades and played some games before deciding to head home. Walked to Skylark, the place I went to with Tim and company previously, to get something to eat and drink before heading home. I knew that I would probably be hungry before the night was through. Read my book but part of my attention was diverted to the couple sitting next to me. The girl spoke with a seemingly exagerated girl voice while the guy had a wannabe macho voice. They were very cute in their behavior in that the guy was seemingly trying to be play it cool while the girl was being very forthright. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek (something I've yet to have witnessed here in Japan) and he just continued eating his french fries. She then later took his hand and put it on her thigh (high up on it, if you catch my meaning) and whispered something into his ear.

By the way, in case you're wondering how I could have seen this, we weren't seated at tables, instead at a bar and she was right next to me. I was reading my book and due to its proximity to me (almost in my lap) I noticed this stuff in my side vision. After I first noticed this stuff then I started paying a little more attention since I found it amusing.

Anyways, he left his hand there for a second before pulling it away. Then she put it back. Then he pulled it away again. I found it amusing but had to keep my laughter to myself, lest I give away that I was looking. Eventually they got up to leave and that's when I saw the last oddity. She actually refused to let him pay for the meal. She paid for it after taking the money that he had taken out and put it back into his pocket. Interesting behavior. Quite unlike anything else I've observed from couples during my time here.

Drank some more hot chocolate and melon soda before leaving and walked to Ueno. Wanted to get in some exercise before going home. Took the train and stopped off at Sugamo, again, to get some more walking. Arrived home and took my shower. This is when something odd occured. I had used the toilet before taking my shower and when I got out, Andy (dude from the Italian couple) asked me to use the brush next time. He said it really quietly and I had no context since it was the first thing he said to me, so I asked him to repeat himself. Evidently when I'd used the toilet something had been "left behind" and it really pissed his girlfriend off. If I had known (I don't normally check for such things) I would have but still, whatever. I was tempted to say something like "Sure, as long as you remember to turn off the light before you go upstairs" but that would make me an asshole now wouldn't it. Amusing that she didn't say anything to me directly. Whatever.

Went around online for a little before starting to feel very sleepy. Went to bed after watching some anime at 1:30am.

Photos for February 20th, 2007