55 Days in Tokyo

February 16th, 2007

Woke up feeling like crap. A severe lack of sleep never mades for a good way to begin your day. Thought about going back to sleep but that would simply make the next day worse. Instead I dragged myself out of bed and tried to get on with my day. Sent an email to Tim about the evening since he had told me the week before that something might be going down. Took my time getting stuff organized but didn't hear back from him so after a while I just decided to head out. Got on the subway to reach Roppongi. I've noticed that getting to a few specific places is really a pain if you aren't located in a prime location to begin with. Itabashi isn't on the Yamanote and the Mita makes somewhat of a diagonal slash across the city, making getting anywhere an adventure in constantly changing lines.

When I finally got to Roppongi I recognized a few places. I hadn't been in this part of Tokyo since my second trip here when our hotel was nearby. The Roppongi Hills mall was now open so I walked around it for a while. Isn't really the place to be if you aren't into shopping. One of the TV stations has a building there so I walked around the lobby area but its really not much more than an area to advertise their shows. The complex did have a nice outdoor garden and while it was pretty, somehow it felt fake and artifical, something that I rarely feel about gardens here in Tokyo. Left the complex and headed to an internet cafe to check my email. The annoying thing was that both of the cafes would only let you start by getting one hour, and then they would charge you by blocks of 15 minutes, so basically it would cost me the same to be there for an hour or just a moment to check my mail.

No word from Tim, so I just checked the news online and drank an excessive amount of coffee. By the time I left it was dark outside and I didn't really want to wander through the back alleys at night. Walked around the main streets for a while, but unless you're into drinking and clubbing Roppongi isn't all that great. Instead I decided to start walking towards Shibuya. The walk was a long and cold one. The weather had been fair but extremely windy. At night the winds stripped whatever warmth you had. I knew that these winds were bringing rain for tomorrow, but as long as it remained clear tonight I was going to be alright.

The walk was uneventful save for my constant tripping over small bumps. These last few days I've noticed my ability to do simple tasks has dropped and I've become almost a worse clutz than I normally am. When I finally got to Shibuya I stopped to use a mens room since the place where I was going to eat doesn't have a public bathroom. When I finished and started walking towards the sushi kaiten my body suddenly felt much weaker. Whenever I do long distance walking my body just seems to go into this mode of just going forward no matter what happens. If I stop for more than a minute though, it suddenly starts to get very tired and sluggish. Got the sushi place and ate more sushi than I've had before. Stopped into another Internet Cafe to check and see if I'd gotten anything from Tim. It would probably be too late to do anything but one never knows. Found out that he wasn't going to the event due to being ill. So I relaxed and recovered from my long walk in the cafe. This place was very nice with a large choice of drinks, manga and even had ice cream.

Left after my hour was up and wanted to go to Manadarake but found out that they close at 8pm. Most places in Tokyo close earlier than you might expect. It's all due to the trains stopping before 1am. Everyone either wants to get home or stay out all night and catch a train at 5am. Wandered from arcade to arcade, trying to find something to do. One place had a Virtual Fighter tournament going on so that was pretty fun to watch for a while. After that I had almost given up and resigned to either going home or to Ikebukuro to find a decent arcade. However, I found another arcade in Shibuya that I'd been to the basement floor of, but didn't know it had another four floors. Most of them had games but only charged 50 yen. Jackpot. I hung around, trying my hand at more shooting games but as usual, I mostly discovered that I suck. Tried to play a game of Time Crisis but the calibration of the gun was off, making your shot land to the left of where you were aiming. That made shooting enemies on the left side of the screen difficult as my shots kept going off the screen. Also spotted two girls who dressed like and acted like the Yanki girls from Kamikaze girls. Wow. Didn't think they would exist.

By this time it was past 10pm so I boarded the crowed trains, got squished and headed for home. Managed to go to sleep at 3am after doing some reading online and taking my shower. Wasn't helped too much by the noisy roommates.

Photos for February 16th, 2007