55 Days in Tokyo

February 15th, 2007

Woke up later than usual. My girlfriend wasn't going to be online until later in the day so I had no pressing need to get up at a decent hour. Didn't wake up until atfter 12pm. That turned out to be a mistake that would come back to haunt me later in the evening. After I talked with her for a while I got myself ready and headed out.

My plan was to visit Akihabara for a little while, mostly to exchange the last of my US currency into Yen. Once I got that done I went to play a game of Gundam. One guy who looked like a salty player (complete with three or four buckets of cards) was trying to explain some of the cards to me. I'm not certain why he did it, he just suddenly came up and did it. I'm thankful for the attempt to help me but it didn't do much more than confuse me due to the language barrier.

After my game I set out towards the Kodokan. Today they were having another tournament only this time it was all Black belts of 2nd Dan or higher, meaning the level of Judo would be top notch. Found my way to Kasuga much more rapidly than before thanks to my atlas. Indeed, last time I actually walked all the way around the area I was headed for due to not having any real directions other than my compass and a subway map that isn't to scale. When I got there it was 5:40pm and I got to watch a few very good matches but at 6pm they ended and the place closed down. Had I known it was going to be so short I would have gotten there earlier. Oh well.

Stopped into the Ramen place that I enjoy so much to get a nice dinner. I had intended to spend most of my evening watching Judo but that plan was now cancelled so I headed back towards Akihabara to game and watch some more playing. Played a few shooter games. Also stopped into a Denny's to see what they were like in Japan. Much cleaner and more organized, but the staff also seem much more stressed. Got some coffee and an ice cream sunday. Not bad but not that great either. Time flew by and before I knew it, the time was half past 10. Hopped back onto a train to Otsuka and made the walk home, stopping off at the grocery store to get some snacks and something to drink.

Wasn't able to fall asleep until after 5am. Just couldn't sleep, so I wandered around online, reading more random nonsense on Wikipedia. I'm going to pay for this tomrrow.

Photos for February 15th, 2007