55 Days in Tokyo

February 7th, 2007

Didn't fall asleep until late last night, causing me to wake up even later than normal. When I finally opened my eyes it was noon. I didn't want to get off to such a late start, so I got up quickly and tried to get underway. Sent an email to Tim asking if he was still down for curry and I got an almost immediate response, and we agreed to meet up in Shibuya for curry in the evening. After I got dressed and hung up my dried laundry I set out for Shinjuku to go pay my rent for the next month.

Got to Shinjuku and paid my rent. Also let them know that the map they give out for directions is no longer completely true now that the 7-11 moved down the street. Left their office and walked all the way back down to Korea town to get a cinnimon pancake. They are worse than an addiction. My pancake in hand I walked back to the main shopping area, going through Kabukicho and avoiding the ugly men trying to get me to enter the sex clubs. Went into one of the arcades and watched some people playing for a while before playing the Gundam card game. In the middle of my first game the action was interrupted and I was set against another player, something that I see happen every now and then. This person was ranked way higher than me but, in what I consider my finest hour, I totally beat the snot out of them. The Gundams I was using were specifically suited to fighting in water because most of this stage is in water, so I kept luring them into the water and just punishing them. Must have pissed them off to realize they'd gotten smacked down by a Gaijin. I've even seen signs in a few places saying that you need to know Japanese in order to play the game. Not so. I can only understand basic stuff and I play the game pretty well most of the time.

Took the train from to Shibuya afterwards and still had about an hour to kill before dinner, so I went to one of the internet cafes to get something to drink, check my email in the case of a last minute cancelation and relax. These places are a really nice alternative to going to a coffee shop since you get a private booth, free drinks, internet connectivity and access to a massive amount of manga and other magazines. Drank a bunch of melon soda and coffee spiked with vanilla flavoring. When the time came I left for the main crossing and met up with Tim before heading to curry.

We went to the same place he showed me last time and evidently they've cleaned up the place. The food was good and they had nan bread this time. Basically, you pay for all you can eat but if there is a waiting line you can only stay for about 60-90 minutes (I forget which). I got lots of mutton curry, rice and bread. We chatted about all manner of things, most of them related to gaming. After staying for a while we left and headed towards a guitar shop since he was looking to get a guitar. I noticed these new digital drumsets that you can basically plug headphones into in order to practice without making noise. Wandered through there until closing time before heading to Don Quixote. Tim got some gel and we both got some damned good cherry coke. Drank our coke as we headed to the station but we parted ways shortly after. It was too early for me to be going home since I got up so late so I stuck around, watching some more gaming until it was close to 11pm.

Finally got home and laid down to rest after my shower, only to find that I wouldn't fall asleep until after 4am.

Photos for February 7th, 2007