55 Days in Tokyo

February 2nd, 2007

Woke up after another decent night of sleep to talk to my girlfriend online. Chatted for a while before she had to go to take care of something. Went back to bed and took another 90 minute nap, ensuring that my day would only get off to a late start. Wasn't certain what I was going to do with my day. Part of me really wanted to wander around some new part of Tokyo but it was also cold and windy outside so I was wary of going anyplace too unknown. Finally decided to get on the train to Tokyo station and see if I could walk up to Akihabara. I had really wanted to see something new and see how people behave on a Friday night here in Tokyo in a different part of the city, but it was too cold and my feet were to sore to completely see something new.

Got off at Tokyo station and started walking in the general direction of Akiba. I didn't my have compass with me so I would have to go off of basic path finding and hope for the best. Stopped off at a book store that had a bunch of books in English and skimmed through them for a while. Went back outside and found that the weather had gotten colder while I was reading and walking became a painful affair. Wandered until I found the Kanda station and I knew I was on the right track. All I had to do was follow the general direction of the train tracks and I'd find Akihabara soon enough. About 15 minutes later I found myself at the edge of Akiba. A small resturant that offered udon Ala Carte with all sorts of other addons called to me and I enjoyed some Udon with several pieces of Shrimp Tempura. The Udon itself was rather plain but still good.

Closer to the main strip of Akiba I found a little cafe that offered all kinds of nice cocktails at a decent price. I made a mental note to return and try it out sometime. In Akiba proper I spent almost all of my time wandering through the different arcades, either watching or playing the Gundam card game. I managed to get more useful cards from the community sharing bin than I'd gotten from all my playing. I left behind all of my EFSF cards to keep a balance and not just be a thief. While I was watching people play I noticed one guy literally went up to the bin, looked at them, and took every single one without even looking at them and just left. Kinda weird. Only other thing I did in Akiba was walk back up the strip to have some tea and cake. Got the last Mont Blank to try it out. Not bad but nothing special.

After much gaming, watching and wandering I noticed the time was past 11pm so I headed to the station and took the train home. Wasn't able to fall asleep until after 3am though. Must try to start waking up earlier so I can get onto a semi normal routine.

Photos for February 2nd, 2007