55 Days in Tokyo

January 23rd, 2007

Had an extremely hard time sleeping last night. Was up until just after 2am playing an online tournament that I wound up winning. Unfortunately, when I finally went to sleep I tossed and turned the entire night. Simply could not sleep. Things were made worse when my roommates got up at 7am and were making all the noise in the world. No consideration for noise in the morning it seems. I keep quiet at night so I fail to see why they cannot do so in the morning. Was startled awake by my watch's alarm and turned on my laptop to talk with my girlfriend. Took me a fair amount of time to wake up and shake off my small amount of sleep. Spoke with my girlfriend for about an hour before she had to depart for her tango lesson. Took my colored laundry up stairs to put it into the washing machine. Always interesting learning a new piece of machinery when everything is in another language. Figured out the machine and set it to do an hour long wash. Turned out later that it really took closer to 90 minutes although I am not certain why. Once my laundry was finished I hung it up and set it outside to dry. That completed I took off for my wandering through the city.

Today I decided to head south from Itabashi and see where I could wind up. I knew that I would eventually get to Ikebukuro. That simple idea turned into just under three solid hours of walking with only one real break for about 10 minutes at a coffee shop near Shinjuku. I walked all the way from Itabashi to Shibuya and by the end of all that walking my feet were hurting but not like they were before where the muscles were sore but with the actual outside flesh feeling sore and raw. Good exercise. As I said, I stopped at a coffee store and had a cup of coffee and a hot dog to tide me over since all I had for lunch was half of a Calorie Mate (yes, they exist and there is a vending machine for them at the Kodokan). I'm not certain just how far I walked but I saw a sign outside of Shinjuku that said it was 5 kilometers to Shibuya so it was probably at least 10 kilometers.

When I finally arrived in Shibuya I treated myself to my favorite sushi place and had a nice light dinner. Walked around Shibuya for a little while, tempted to try out a few of the bars that were having happy hour but instead decided to spend that money playing my gundam game in an arcade. Signed up on the waiting list (thankfully I remember how to write my name in Katakana) and when my turn came played decently. I didn't die and managed to get a kill or two. Now I can access another gundam. Kinda nice to play when you're not trying to learn against salty veterans. Finished my game and headed back for home to rest my feet and hopefully go to bed at a decent hour.

Photos for January 23rd, 2007