55 Days in Tokyo

January 21st, 2007

Today was another short and mostly uneventful day. Woke up close to 11am, got online and talked with my girlfriend online. Always nice to talk to her. We chatted for a while before we each went offline to cook our respective meals. I used our kitchen for the first time today and am happy to report that our stove is gas. Cooked my breasts of chicken and made my usual cream and butter sauce. For some reason, either due to the nature of the cream or the butter, it turned out very thick but I was unable to burn it in just the right way to give it my own special flavor. Still a good sauce though. Took my shower and returned to my room, only to doze off again. I had thought about doing laundry but my nap nixed that idea. Woke up, went back online and talked a little bit more to my girlfriend who was also just checking online. We said a few words before I left the house.

Gee, guess where I went... that's right, Akihabara. Once again, I wandered through the stores, seeing what was going on. I've meantioned the abundance of porn in Akihabara before so I figure I'll go a little bit more into detail. Skip this paragraph if you don't want to know. I find Japanese porn to be an oddity. Here, they have to censor the genitals so both the penis and the vagina are covered by a mosiac, the kind where the image is pixelized and distored, just like on cops. That makes it very odd for porn. The other thing is the noise that the women make. I refer to Japanese porn as "squeeky porn" because the women always sound like they're crying, whineing or both. How do I know this? For one, I've been on the internet for a very long time and have seen things no one should see (damned Stile Project), including a fair share of porn. Second, many of these stores have it playing. Right there in the store. Mind you, they have porn playing on the same damned floor as normal stuff, just one aisle away. I don't go out looking for porn (indeed, it finds its way to me in Spam) here, but somehow I keep wandering into it. So while you're trying to look at used cds you here this fake squeeking coming from a japanese woman, bouncing up and down on this pixelized mess that reminds me of Cops.

Only in Japan.

Aside from more wacky adventures into what I now call "SUPRISE! PORN!" not much else went on. Found some cool stores with a lot of neat mecha and anime figures. Oh, if only I had the budget. Didn't play my new Gundam game due to the massive waiting line (on a sunday night? Go figure) and so merely wandered the arcades. Outside of the station were four girls dressed up in costumes trying to get people to come to their cafes. I counted three maids, two nurses and one girl who had a labcoat and glasses on, so she could be either a doctor or a teacher figure. Those places and their clients usually creep me out. Mind you, Athena told me about a cafe that has the girls dressing up as guys, so we'll definately have to go to that for the sake of going. I mean, COME ON, IT DEMANDS YOU SEE IT FOR THE BRAIN WARP FACTOR ALONE.

Just before I left Akihabara I stopped at a place and had a hamburger. That's right, halfway around the world and I had a hambuger. That's because I didn't want noodles, tempura, curry or sushi and my only options were a hamburger or to walk to the other end of Akiba to have a donburi (stuff on rice). Besides, it wasn't a McDonalds (McNotlikey) and it had an egg on the patty. Pretty tasty along with the fries, about it cost about 5-6 dollars. After that, I headed home, relaxed for a while and headed to sleep.

Photos for January 21st, 2007