55 Days in Tokyo

January 18th, 2007

Got off to a very late start today. My usual poker tournament lasted much longer and I made it to the final table. Came in sixth place and did not finish until 6pm. A nice change to the day was hearing from my girlfriend over AIM. Very nice to talk to her.

After the tournament ended I took my shower and headed out to at least walk around for a while. Picked up some toilet paper and some laundry soap before getting onto a train for Ikebukuro. Figured it was close by and had to offer at least some entertainment. Walked down the streets for a while, checking things out before going into a curry place to have dinner. Wandered through some aracades on the western side of the town until I wandered to the eastern side of town. Both sides are lively although the latter is most certainly the larger of the two. Walked for another hour until 9pm when I returned home. Had a hard time going to bed around 1am and tossed and turned for most of the night.

Photos for January 18th, 2007