55 Days in Tokyo

January 17th, 2007

Short entry because I did little today.

Woke up again close to 10am. Think I am getting used to this whole 16 hour difference. Fell into what has become my routine: play poker, eat breakfest, take a shower and head out. Breakfast was this off bacon, potato and pasta combo that unknown to me when I bought it also had onions. It was okay, but not the best nor the most filling.

Left home close to 2:30pm bound for Akihabara. Wandered through more stores and arcades, but spent most my time watching and playing games. Found a few nice little retro gaming shops that have all kinds of wonderful goodies. Bought myself a little keychain with a mini gameboy sp. Neat stuff.

Incredibly cold today. Hard, cold winds pushed people around and stole the heat from your blood. After being overcast the whole day the sky finally started raining after the sun fell, making Tokyo even colder. It's like being in Chico except I can't read most things.

Tomorrow may be another return to Akihabara to do some serious gaming, or I might wander around Ueno. Depends on the weather more than anything else.

Photos for January 17th, 2007